Welcome to everything Eastside Costa Mesa!

https://youtu.be/OGUhLiJBxEI I absolutely love our town! When I first discovered it back nearly 15 years ago, it was not my intention to stay and build some roots. But God had another plan! I was fortunate enough to buy a property here in Costa Mesa, back in 2011, when the real estate market was at its lowest. I have since purchased 2 additional homes, and my wonderful Real Estate career allows me to give back to my community. My latest project was a Historical Homes Calendar in which I created and sponsored the whole project giving 100% of proceeds to the society. I love our city’s rich history and back 10 years ago began to study the older historical homes here in our city. This passion project was years in the making and its been a huge success. My dream to do a Historical Homes Tour, has been finally realized with the city of Costa Mesa, and Costa Mesa TV. Watch the full video, of what I believe is the oldest home in our neighborhood. Such an interesting story, and I have more to share.


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